Everything that you take for granted, is meaningless when it becomes routine, like moving waves reaching the shore and going back in synch with the moon. The clock hands always pass through 12. You can change the hour or the day and everything will remain the same as long as you allow it to be.

Make no mistake: you didn’t let me go, I went away. The end is always dictated by the one who has the courage to forget.
Indifference makes perfection in the art of moving on.

The wind slammed the door with the same force you hit your chest with. You’ve struggled as much as I did, I loved you so much, that I allowed you to stay much more than the time I wanted you to and yet you held me back for over a year. I held you in my arms, gave you shelter, but you squeezed me so hard I soon lost my breath. You made my life a shadow, I gave in to the darkness that you proposed, I gave no truce to the cessation of my heartbeats, however, I never fainted for you and not because I didn’t wanted to, but because deep down I knew you would never do the same for me, and you’d find another hug that would make you preciously unhappy.

Today felicitously I can tell you, sadness, that you are gone, that I saw your multiple sides, that you’ll no longer fool me with your cheap tricks and now I can only learn to be happy.